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Sheri Hathaway

Freelance Writer & Watercolour Artist

My art

Ships in the Wind

11 x 14 inches

Based on several photos of the pelicans fishing on the South Saskatchewan River by the weir in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Does it look like they're having a party?

Statesman of Dogs

11 x 14 inches

Based on a photo of my dog, Baldwin. Too smart for his own good, he understood my every word and even sometimes my thoughts! On our walks, he made a point of making friends with every dog and person we met. He recently passed away and I'm glad I still have this remembrance of him. 

My Teacher the Cat

11 x 14 inches

Based on a photo of my grandson practicing his piano lesson. The cat, always interested in what the boys are doing, and curious, came over to listen (and critique his work). 

Harvest Nap

11 x 14 inches

Based on several photos taken during my childhood on the farm. Dad is having his after lunch nap while my sister takes the combine for a round.

Birches in Winter

8.5 x 11 inches

Inspired by a Christmas card with my own changes added in.

Monarch of the Wild

11 x 14 inches 

Based on a photo in Canadian Geographic magazine. The wildness and yet, the majesty of this bison caught my attention.

Old Stories

11 x 14 inches 

Based on several photos of the Clear Range farm where my dad grew up. He loved to tell my kids stories of his childhood.